Fishing The Monument Bay Area of Lake of the Woods

Our area of the Lake of the Woods offers excellent fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and muskie. Seasonal opportunities exist for crappie and jumbo perch as well.


According to the Walleye Assessment Manager of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Tom Mosindy, the walleye population is in the best condition of the last twenty five years. Many of our guest’s are boating big numbers with many good sized fish caught and released. The improvement is due to the almost complete elimination of gill netting and the angler’s catch and release ethic.

Muskiealex muskie 7b

The good old days of muskie fishing are right now. Lake of the Woods, according to such experts as Al Lindner and Gord Pyzer, ranks as the best muskie water in the world.  It has been stated that there are more muskies in the Woods than all the other lakes.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are doing very well in both numbers and size. This prized fighter has done very well in our area. Many of our guests love to spend time chasing old bronzeback. Ninety nine per cent of those caught are released. These fish can be caught in good numbers throughout the season. Crankbaits, plastics, minnow baits, and a jig and live bait are popular presentations.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike fishing offers good numbers and a chance at a real trophy. Weed lines,  points, and humps produce throughout the season. Spoons, spinner baits, muskie lures, and almost anything else produce well. Al Lindner stated at his seminar, during the Chicago Sport Show, that Lake of the Woods offers some of the North America’s best northern and walleye fishing.

Frolander Island Resort Also Offers Four Walk-In Lakes:

Secluded, adventurous, exclusive, quiet, great fishing, catch and release,  wonderful memories.