Frolander Island Resort

Located in Ontario, Canada on Lake of the Woods offers you an unparalleled retreat.  Situated in Monument Bay, Frolanders is only 12 miles from the mainland, giving you the convenience of driving close to camp… yet promising you the seclusion that comes with its uninhabited islands.

leftpointviewnewWhen driving: You will cross the U.S./Canada border ten miles north of Warroad, MN.  Here is where you will declare you are going to Frolander Island Resort and report any dutiable items.  Duty can be paid with credit card or Canadian currency.  We will assist you with directions from the border crossing to Young’s Bay where a boat shuttle service or the Island Passenger Service will meet you.

When flying: Northwest Airlines flies to International Falls, Minnesota or Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Rent a car or take a scenic float plane trip from there to our front door.